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Environmental stewardship, sustainable living and enlightened public policy in the Pikes Peak Region. Keep up with all the organizations and events making our area a better place to live.

Several environment/sustainability organizations in the Pikes Peak region collaborate to produce the Peak Environment Podcast:

Colorado Springs Office of Innovation

Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future

Pikes Peak Environmental Forum

Pikes Peak Group of the Sierra Club

Pikes Peak Permaculture

This podcast is part of the Studio 809 podcast collaborative.

Dec 11, 2018

Now that Coloradoans ARE able to collect rainwater, with some limitations, you’ll want to pick an expert’s brain about smart rainwater harvesting. In this episode of Peak Environment, we’re sharing permaculturist Becky Elder’s “Rainwater Harvesting” class from the 2018 People’s Tiny House Festival.


Nov 26, 2018

Local nonprofit organizations play a key role in creating a healthy, sustainable community. Many nonprofits are working towards the goals of the 2030 Sustainability Plan and need community support in various ways. This episode features a discussion of the giving nature of the Pikes Peak Region.

This episode of Peak...

Nov 15, 2018

There is a lot of good sustainability practice happening in the Pikes Peak region. The Green Cities Coalition was formed in 2008 to connect the good people and organizations working in this area and foster collaboration.

In this episode of Peak Environment, Green Cities Chair Konrad Schlarbaum chats with podcast...

Nov 1, 2018

“Stop Dissing the Grass,” was the cry of turf expert Nick McNamee to permaculturist Becky Elder. In the arid southwestern United States, thirsty, manicured grass lawns have been getting a bad rap. Is it deserved? Or is there more to the story? This episode of Peak Environment brings you a fascinating discussion held...

Oct 23, 2018

October’s Sustainability in Progress meeting, hosted by the Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future, gives us a glimpse of the amazing powers at the disposal of Colorado Springs citizens through the city’s website and its app for smartphones. Jay Anderson, Open Data and Citizen Engagement Administrator for the city,...