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Environmental stewardship, sustainable living and enlightened public policy in the Pikes Peak Region. Keep up with all the organizations and events making our area a better place to live.

Several environment/sustainability organizations in the Pikes Peak region collaborate to produce the Peak Environment Podcast:

Colorado Springs Office of Innovation

Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future

Pikes Peak Environmental Forum

Pikes Peak Group of the Sierra Club

Pikes Peak Permaculture

This podcast is part of the Studio 809 podcast collaborative.

Feb 21, 2019

From growing gardens to creating community to transforming lives, take a peek at what your community library's Green Team is all about. Pikes Peak Library District Regional Manager Michael Doherty and Senior Library Assistant Debbie Vitulli join host Ellen Johnson-Fay for a tour of the Green Team’s many...

Feb 11, 2019

Keeping our local farms intact and productive is in everyone’s best interest, but it takes much more than just shopping at the farmers market. Creating, nurturing and growing local agriculture will be explored at the Foodshed Forum in Colorado Springs February 22-23, 2019. In this episode of Peak Environment,...

Feb 6, 2019

You’ve probably heard palm oil production is causing deforestation and biodiversity loss on a massive scale. You might be surprised, however, how many products contain palm oil. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Tracey Gazibara shares how the zoo protects species and habitat by supporting efforts to produce...