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Environmental stewardship, sustainable living and enlightened public policy in the Pikes Peak Region. Keep up with all the organizations and events making our area a better place to live.

Several environment/sustainability organizations in the Pikes Peak region collaborate to produce the Peak Environment Podcast:

Colorado Springs Office of Innovation

Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future

Pikes Peak Environmental Forum

Pikes Peak Group of the Sierra Club

Pikes Peak Permaculture

This podcast is part of the Studio 809 podcast collaborative.

Mar 30, 2021

There are plenty of good reasons for political conservatives to be concerned about the climate crisis. We explore them in this conversation with three gentlemen from the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, or CCL:

  • Steven Moses, a physicist
  • Don Parcher, a retired Navy pilot
  • Nate Hochman, a Colorado College senior...

Mar 13, 2021

What steps can the Biden administration take to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Bureau of Land Management to better address its conservation and climate change goals? This question was addressed in a lively online discussion hosted by PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility). Panelists...

Mar 11, 2021

Will Toor, Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office, provides a summary of State/CEO projects, activities, and initiatives, and shares the Colorado Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Pollution Reduction Roadmap. 

This event was co-hosted by Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future, Southeastern Colorado Renewable Energy...

Mar 1, 2021

What can you do to create a sustainable, just, and carbon-free city? Hear what’s next in the closure of the fossil-fuel powered Martin Drake Power Plant in Colorado Springs, and learn about three local campaigns on which you can take action. This is audio from a live webinar held on February 19, 2021 – organized by...