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Environmental stewardship, sustainable living and enlightened public policy in the Pikes Peak Region. Keep up with all the organizations and events making our area a better place to live.

Several environment/sustainability organizations in the Pikes Peak region collaborate to produce the Peak Environment Podcast:

Colorado Springs Office of Innovation

Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future

Pikes Peak Environmental Forum

Pikes Peak Group of the Sierra Club

Pikes Peak Permaculture

This podcast is part of the Studio 809 podcast collaborative.

Jan 22, 2019

Agriculture and local food play a vital role in the Pikes Peak Regional 2030 Sustainability Plan. Three local food practitioners share how local groups are promoting agriculture and local food in the Pikes Peak region. The speakers share how their work is supporting the goals to:

  • promote urban agriculture and knowledge about food
  • encourage regional collaboration and cooperation
  • promote healthy behaviors around food and food waste


Barbra Gibb - Pikes Peak Urban Gardens
View her slide presentation, Local Food Literacy Initiative

Nat Stein - Colorado Food Rescue and Soil Cycle program
View her slide presentation, Soil Cycle

Ellen Johnson-Fay - The Local Food Coalition
View her slide presentation, The Local Food Coalition


1) The Grain School mentioned by Ellen Johnson-Fay as happening “this weekend” happened on January 18 and 19 of 2019. These presentations were made on January 16, 2019.

2) The email address given out for the Pikes Peak Library District’s Green Team ends in .org (not .com)

This was the January 2019 Sustainability in Progress presentation. Sustainability in Progress is a monthly program of the Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future. Join us (free) the third Wednesday of every month 7:30-9:00 a.m. in the Wildcat Room at the Ivywild School. Coffee and pastries are provided.

LINKS Mentioned in this Episode:

Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future

Pikes Peak Urban Gardens

Colorado Food Rescue and Soil Cycle program

The Local Food Coalition (a part of the Green Cities Coalition)

Pikes Peak Foodshed Forum (February 22, 2019) (we'll post this link when we have it)

BrownsGreens (compost pickup west of I-25)

Sustainable Palm Oil presentation January 25, 2019 (Pikes Peak Environmental Forum)